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Jutta Wirth and her son Matthias Wirth have both their office, where they help their clients with the ThetaHealing technique.
They both give sessions personal, by phone or by skype.

Confident with the ThetaHealing technique, both teach ThetaHealing classes individually or together for everybody who wants to learn this amazing technique. They’re looking forward to open this fascinating world of the ThetaHealing technique to them and help them on their journey.

Jutta Wirth and her son Matthias Wirth are as well the ThetaHealing® CIC for Switzerland, Austria and France, as well as the CEC for Switzerland. CIC is short for Country Interpreter and Communicator.

Since 2017 Matthias Wirth leads the branch office from ThetaHealing headquarter in Europe, ThetaHealing Europe.

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