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Jutta Wirth and her son Matthias Wirth have both their office, where they help their clients with the ThetaHealing technique.
They both give sessions personal, by phone or by skype.

Confident with the ThetaHealing technique, both teach ThetaHealing classes individually or together for everybody who wants to learn this amazing technique. They’re looking forward to open this fascinating world of the ThetaHealing technique to them and help them on their journey.

Jutta Wirth and her son Matthias Wirth are as well the ThetaHealing® CIC for Switzerland, Austria and France, as well as the CEC for Switzerland. CIC is short for Country Interpreter and Communicator.

Since 2017 Matthias Wirth leads the branch office from ThetaHealing headquarter in Europe, ThetaHealing Europe.

About Jutta Wirth
About Matthias Wirth
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Here you can find all the teachers, which for we are organizing currently.

All certificated ThetaHealing® instructors worldwide you’ll find on the official ThetaHealing® Webside.

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Jutta Wirth

Jutta is divorced and mother of three kids. She always liked to work with and for people. This was also a reason why she made the education as a nurse FASRK. Over 15 years I worked as a nurse and in my free time I made different educations like Reiki (Degree 1-3), Spine-Base-Balance Therapist, Aura-Soma Therapy, spiritual healing / channelling, acupuncture massage and Penzel, Bowen therapist as well as MET therapist.
ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibal is enriching her life since 2005. It was the same year as she started an education as a certificated ThetaHealer and as well as a ThetaHealing instructor. The ThetaHealing® technique made everything complete for her and answered many of the questions, which remained open after her earlier educations, like this she had a lot of light bulb moments with ThetaHealing.
Since 2005 Jutta is going to further education regularly at the THInK® (ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge). In 2011 she attained the "ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science as well as the Elective Master Instructor".

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Matthias Wirth

Matthias Wirth was born in 1985. He is the middle child of Jutta. After elementary school, he started with a commercial education with focus in accountancy. After his education, he made further education in Marketing and Leadership, before he was placed as Operations and Marketing Manager in a trading company.
Parallel to his work he always took time to attend different seminars, such as spiritual healing, channelling and MET therapist. Through his mother he got to know the ThetaHealing® Technique, and visited his first ThetaHealing course in 2007.
At the beginning he used the ThetaHealing technique almost for himself. Only later he shared the extraordinary technique with clients. A year later since he decided to become a certified ThetaHealing Instructor he became his Master of ThetaHealing® in 2014 and in 2015 he got his ThetaHealing Certificat of Science. Today Matthias is self-employed ThetaHealing instructor, Coach and as well publisher of the ThetaHealing books, CD’s and DVD’s in german.
Together with his Team in Switzerland is he responsible for the assistance of the branch office from ThetaHealing in Europe: www.thetahealingworldwide.com

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