Switzerland 2019 Instructors Seminar Schedule with Vianna Stibal

We are happy to announce the 2019 Instructors Seminars in Switzerland taught by Vianna Stibal.
Registration will open soon, currently we are happy to pre inform you about the Seminar Dates, which are as follow:
Seminar Date
Basic DNA Instructors3 – 6 of October
Advanced DNA Instructors8 – 10 of October
Dig Deeper Instructors12 – 13 of October
Manifesting and Abundance Instructors14 – 15 of October
World relations Instructors17 – 21 of October
Soulmate Instructors24 – 25 of October
You and your Significant Partner Instructors26 – 27 of October
You and the Creator Instructors29 – 30 of October
You and your Inner Circle Instructors31 of October – 1 of November
You and the Earth Instructors4 – 5 of November

Vianna Stibal returns to Switzerland for new Seminars:

SeminarDate Instructor Location Languages

Further Information

Seminar costs and registration
How to get there
About Switzerland
Teacher Assistent

ThetaHealing Event: Elective Seminar
During the ThetaHealing Event with Vianna Stibal in October 2018 we are organizing the Elective Seminar Wealth Consciousness.

Learn more

Event Coordinators

We, Jutta Wirth and Matthias Wirth jun., are the Representatives and Hosts for Vianna and Guy in Switzerland.
As first mother and son Hoast-Team, we are looking forward to welcome many ThetaHealer in St Gallen.

If you have Questions or if you need some further information please contact us per phone or by e-mail info@thetahealingswiss.ch

Jutta Wirth

Matthias Wirth
+41 79 363 87 12

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Languages on loud speaker:
English; German
Languages on head set:
We offer different languages on each Seminar. Below, in the Seminar details, you can find the corresponding details.

Cost for Translation
All confirmed languages are provided free of charge.
If your language is not offered, contact us to check for possibilities.

SeminarDateInstructorLanguagesSeminar costs


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St. Gallen

The ThetaHealing Classes with Vianna Stibal will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The Venue is Hotel Einstein.
The venue is very close to the city center of St. Gallen and accessible by public transport.

Hotel Einstein

Hotel Einstein is situated in the monastery quarter of St. Gallen. From the train station, you can reach the Hotel within 10 minutes by walking or public transport. Near Hotel Einstein are several Restaurants, food stalls as well as shopping possibilities.
Hotel Einstein has as well an underground parking, which is connected to the congress center.

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<-- Hotels -->


In St. Gallen you can find Hotels in different Price levels. Oftentimes you have very good offers by booking.com.
During the Event we have blocked some rooms for a better rate in nearby hotels. Those rooms are only available if you book them 2 Months prior the event. After this time, they will be released for public.

Hotels nearby

Hotel Einstein
Single and double rooms from CHF 200.00
Book directly in the hotel and use the Key word ‘’’ThetaHealing’’’ to get a better rate.

Hotel Dom
Single and double rooms from CHF 95.00 per Room, per night
Book directly in the hotel and use the Key word ‘’’ThetaHealing’’’ to get a better rate.

Hotel Vadian
Single and double rooms / Apartments from CHF 99.00 per Room, per Night
Book directly in the hotel and use the Key word ‘’’ThetaHealing’’’.

Hotel Elite Garni**
Single and double rooms from CHF 75.00 per Room, per night
Book directly in the hotel and use the Key word ‘’’ThetaHealing’’’.

If you like to benefit from the better rate book directly by the Hotel. By booking through Booking.com or similar platforms you have the rate indicated by them.

Hotel Schwanen
Single and double rooms from CHF 100.00 per Room, per Night

Competitive price Possibilities

Many cheap Rooms and Apartments in and around St. Gallen.

Bed & Breakfast in St. Gallen
Cheap Single and double rooms

Apartments for top prices




Further Hotels in St. Gallen

Hotel Weisses Kreuz**, Engelgasse 9 single room CHF 65 to 80; double room CHF 115 to 135

Gallo***, St.Jakobstr. 62; single room CHF 90-165 / double room CHF 120-215
www.hotel-gallo.ch, 071 242 71 71

Best Western Hotel Walhalla ***** single room CHF 200-230 / double room CHF 275
www.hotelwalhalla.ch; Tel. +41 71 228 28 00

Radisson SAS Hotel **** single room CHF 220-280 / double room CHF 220-305
www.stgallen.radissonsas.com; Tel. +41 71 242 12 12

You can find a list of hotels and accommodation on:



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How to get there


Zurich Airport (ZRH) is only one hour from St Gallen. Twice an hour you have a direct train from the airport to St. Gallen.
The Train station Zurich Airport is located underneath the airport. Tickets for the train you can get at the ticket machine or at the ticket desk.

Zurich (ZRH) is very well connected through different airlines. You can choose cheap airlines like EasyJet (www.easyjet.com) or Pegasus (www.flypgs.com) or usual airlines like Swiss, Lufthansa, Turkish airlines, Air Fance, Emirates and many more. Good flight possibilities can be found by www.ebookers.com.

As an option you can also take the plain to Munich (MUC) and from there you have a direct train to St. Gallen which takes around 3 hours.


Trains run from Zurich’s main train station and Zurich airport to St.Gallen every 30 minutes. The journey takes about 1 hour. There are also direct express trains from Bern (2 hours), Geneva (4 hours) and Munich (3 hours) to St.Gallen.
Here you can find the schedule of the Train SBB: https://www.sbb.ch/ticketshop/b2c/sprache.do?en


St.Gallen is only one hour away from Zurich by car. Austria and Germany are also nearby. Distances: Zurich 1 hour, Munich 2.5 hours, Stuttgart 2.5 hours, Milan 3.5 hours.
Take the motorway exit St.Gallen/Kreuzbleiche and head towards the centre.
Here you can find a description of the way by Google Maps and further information: http://www.einstein.ch/en/arrival-parking.html

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<-- About Switzerland -->

About Switzerland

Sightseeing around St. Gallen

Here you can find some Sightseeing ideas in and around St. Gallen.


The currency in Switzerland is Swiss Franc (CHF). The location St. Gallen is close to the Austrian and German border, therefore most places take also Euro for payment.
Here you can find the current exchange rate: OANDA.COM

Prices in Switzerland

Many people think that Switzerland is very expensive. They measure this according to their experience in cities like Zurich. Zurich is price wise one of the most expensive cities in Switzerland. On the countryside and in smaller cities other price levels exist.
As our Seminar place we have chosen the city St. Gallen in the east part of Switzerland. St. Gallen convinces with its cultural back ground as well as its good priced accommodation and food possibilities. Near the border to Austria and Germany you can reach St. Gallen easily by train as well as by car.

St. Gallen

St. Gallen is the capital of the canton St. Gallen in the east of Switzerland. It has around 74’000 inhabitants and is around 700 meter above sea level, therefore it is one of the higher situated cities in Switzerland. St. Gallen is located at the Steinach River, which leads to the Lake Constance.

St. Gallen was founded in the 7th century and is seen as the cultural and economical center of the east of Switzerland. The City is placed at the main transport axis (Munich-) St. Margrethen-Rorschach–St. Gallen–Winterthur–Zurich and (Constance–)Romanshorn–St. Gallen–Rapperswil–Lucerne and count as the door to the lands of Appenzell. For tourist the city is very interesting due to the collegiate church and library, which is on the List of UNESCO world cultural heritage. St. Gallen is as well popular through their embroidery. The name St. Gallen comes from the wander monk Gallus, this is the reason why the city is also called Gallus city.

As St. Gallen is located in the three country corner (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) you can find here several good priced accommodations as well as food possibilities. St. Gallen belongs to the cheap cities of Switzerland compared to Zurich, Bern and Lucerne; therefore also international participants can enjoy a well priced stay in a beautiful environment.


In St Gallen you can find take away’s, small restaurants as well as bigger chains in different price levels.
In the center, the “Marktgasse” (about 5 minutes from both seminar venues) you can find different take away, where you can buy sandwich, bratwurst with bread, chips and many more for about CHF 6.00.
As well there is Coop and Migros, two supermarkets where you can find well priced food and everything you need. Especially cheap are the own brand of Migros “M-Budget” and of Coop “Prix Garantie”.


Against the imposing backdrop of the Alpstein Massif with the Säntis lies the St. Gallen / Lake Constance region, in the rolling foothills of the Alps.

This is a place where contrasts meet to provide a “solid” holiday offering: the city of St. Gallen, with the Abbey District (a listed World Heritage site) is a real tip for city break fans. On the shore of Lake Constance from Rorschach up to Altenrhein, the lake, with swimming pools, water sports and exciting museums, attracts people to it (driving and flying there). The rural area of St. Gallen is an ideal area for cycling and walking which always offers a view of the lake and mountains.

The St. Gallen metropolis is the core of the region. It is a culture and shopping attraction: the historic Abbey District with the magnificent Baroque cathedral and the Abbey Library is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Buildings designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava provide a highly modern tone to the historic city.

Located directly on Lake Constance, is Rorschach, which is the starting point for many excursions into the Lake Constance region. For example, one can head from here in one of the many cruise ships of the White Fleet which connect Rorschach with virtually any harbor in the Constance region. The Lake Constance region between Rorschach and St Margrethen is ideal for walking and cycling. Especially beautiful is the view of Lake Constance, from the plateau above Goldach and Rorschacherberg. It stretches from Untereggen eastwards up to “Steinig Tisch” above the old mouth of the Rhine. Cosy ponds and bogs, and a number of stately palaces characterize the image of this beautiful stretch of land on the lake

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Price and Registration

The total cost of the seminar is the sum of Host fee and Class fee. The Host fee is collected in Swiss Franc (CHF), the class fee by pre-payment in US-Dollar (USD), Swiss Francs (CHF) or Euro (EUR).
The Host fee is due by registration and can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal. Select your option in the registration process.
The Seminar fee is due to THInK before class begin. You will receive a separate e-Mail with the corresponding PayPal Links. As well you will have the possibility to pay by Banktransfer or Credit Card. Make sure you take the PayPal confirmation with you for registration.

Every day one coffee break is offered, in the afternoon. For meals and accommodation every student is responsible him- or herself.
The Seminar times are as follow:

Important notice:


By registration the Host fee is due. You have the possibility to pay it by PayPal or Bank transfer.
You don’t know how to register? --> Here is a Movie how it works: click here.

SeminarDate Instructor Location Languages

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