SeminarDate Instructor Location Languages
November 2020
+ 26.11.2020Wirth MatthiasCH-Online
December 2020
+ You and God (Growing Your Relationship 2)05.12.2020 to 06.12.2020Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ 09.12.2020Wirth MatthiasCH-Online
+ Rainbow Children10.12.2020 to 13.12.2020Wirth MatthiasCH-9451 Kriessern
January 2021
+ Manifesting and Abundance02.01.2021 to 03.01.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ 06.01.2021Wirth MatthiasCH-Online
+ Dig Deeper09.01.2021 to 10.01.2021Wirth MatthiasCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Basic DNA15.01.2021 to 17.01.2021Wirth MatthiasCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Intuitive Anatomy16.01.2021 to 31.01.2021Wirth JuttaCH-4310 Rheinfelden
February 2021
+ You and Your Inner Circle (Growing your Relationship)06.02.2021 to 07.02.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Basic DNA19.02.2021 to 21.02.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
March 2021
+ You and Your Significant Other (Growing Your Relationship I)06.03.2021 to 07.03.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Advanced DNA26.03.2021 to 28.03.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
April 2021
+ World Relations01.04.2021 to 05.04.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ You and the Earth (Growing your Relationship)17.04.2021 to 18.04.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Dig Deeper24.04.2021 to 25.04.2021Wirth MatthiasCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Basic DNA30.04.2021 to 02.05.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
May 2021
+ Family Ties08.05.2021 to 09.05.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Planes of Existence12.05.2021 to 16.05.2021Wirth MatthiasCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Hormone Symphony22.05.2021 to 23.05.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ You and God (Growing Your Relationship 2)29.05.2021 to 30.05.2021Wirth MatthiasCH-9451 Kriessern
June 2021
+ Advanced DNA18.06.2021 to 20.06.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
+ Soul Mate Practitioner19.06.2021 to 20.06.2021Wirth MatthiasCH-Online-Seminar
+ Intuitive Anatomy26.06.2021 to 11.07.2021Wirth JuttaCH-9451 Kriessern
October 2021
+ Basic DNA Instructors18.10.2021 to 21.10.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ Advanced DNA Instructors23.10.2021 to 25.10.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ Dig Deeper Instructors28.10.2021 to 29.10.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen
November 2021
+ You and God: Growing your Relationships 2 Instructor01.11.2021 to 02.11.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ You and Your Significant Other: Growing your Relationships 1 Instructor01.11.2021 to 02.11.2021Stibal JoshuaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ You and the Earth (Growing your Relationship)03.11.2021 to 04.11.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ You and Your Inner Circle Instructor03.11.2021 to 04.11.2021Stibal JoshuaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ Planes of Existence Instructors06.11.2021 to 10.11.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ Rainbow Children Instructors06.11.2021 to 10.11.2021Stibal JoshuaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ DNA 3 Instructors14.11.2021 to 18.11.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen
+ 20.11.2021 to 29.11.2021Stibal ViannaCH-9000 St. Gallen

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Seminar in your country

Would you like to host Jutta or Matthias in your country or city for a ThetaHealing Seminary?
We love to teach ThetaHealing all over the World, so feel free to contact us, to talk about this possibility.

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Terms of payment

The Class fee and Deposit fee is to be paid before the seminary. The Deposit fee has to be paid by registration, the Class fee by confirmation, or if agreed cash at the first day of the seminary. The account details or PayPal link you will receive after the successful registration together with the registration confirmation.

Partial payment

You would like to come to one or several classes, but are unable to pay the full amount in advanced?
This is usually not a problem. You can apply for partial payment on a simple way. Just send an e-Mail to It is important to include the following information in your application: Seminar, Seminar date, Telephone number, address and E-Mail address.
We can propose you then payment options with their conditions.

The Deposit fee is always due by registrations and cannot be included in a partial payment agreement.

ThetaHealing® School: Scholarship

Terms and application for scholarship:

To qualify for a scholarship by ThetaHealing Swiss you have to send us an e-Mail or Letter with the following information:
Send your application to

All applications for scholarship considered by a board at W-Cooperations GmbH. As soon as the application is considered and decided you will be contacted by a member of the staff.
Choose for which seminar you would like to have a scholarship, because a person is rarely given scholarship for several classes.
There are partial scholarships and in rare cases full scholarships.
For the following seminars you can only get a partial scholarship

As soon as your Scholarship is approved, the Deposit fee is due to pay. If no official deposit is mentioned, you will be informed about its amount together with the final decision of the board.

All students which receive scholarship are required to help arranging the classroom in the morning and cleaning it in the Evening together with a member of the staff.

For travel cost and expenses the participants are responsible themselves. This is not part of the scholarship.
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